Community Restorative Boards

Community Restorative Boards exercise a prevention strategy to divert first-time, non-violent minor offenders from the formal court process. Sworn citizen volunteers sit on seven Restorative Boards that serve five Atlanta neighborhoods and North and South Fulton County. Citizenry are trained to conduct face-to-face conferences with youth and their parents or guardians. The nature of the offense and its negative consequences are discussed and sanctions to hold the offender accountable are addressed. Sanctions include letters of apology to the victims; community service; restitution; counseling, etc. Probation Officers work with the youth and family to ensure compliance with sanctions issued by the Boards. If the youth completes all sanctions and does not reoffend, the case is dismissed and the youth’s record is sealed.

For inquiries regarding the Community Restorative Boards, please contact:

Nefertete Amon-Ra
Administrative Coordinator
p: 404.613.4589 | e: