Informational Pamphlets

Informational Pamphlets

The following are informational pamphlets to assist the public in understanding Juvenile Court processes and programs. The pamphlets are intended to offer general information; they should not be taken as legal advice.

General Information
Juvenile Court: General Information & Overview (.pdf / file size: 1.7MB)

Delinquency Cases
Delinquency: Basic Information (.pdf / file size: 715KB)
Delinquency: Basic Info Supplement (.pdf / file size: 312KB)

Dependency Cases
Dependency: Basic Information (.pdf / file size: 701KB)
Dependency: Basic Info Supplement(.pdf / file size: 395KB)

Diversion Program Pamphlets
The Learning Club Diversion Program: General Information(.pdf / file size: 568KB)

Volunteer Application
Volunteer Opportunities at Juvenile Court (.pdf / file size: 568KB)